Heat treatment units

We combine over 31 years of experience with cutting-edge technology, providing the market’s most advanced heat treatment units for pre-heating for welding and PWHT post-welding heat treatment of metal objects.

Our equipment range covers resistive units with 6 up-to 24 independent heating channels and the power ranges from 10 to 200 kVA, lightweight portable inverter units, induction heating solutions and heat treatment electric furnaces.

For the purposes of heat treatment processes, we designed and produce dedicated temperature controllers. Our temperature controllers are equipped with a proprietary temperature control algorithm that regulates the object temperature better than classic PID algorithm. Controllers use K-type thermocouples. The settings are entered in a convenient way, divided into up to 9 sections: temperature rise (fall) at a set speed to a set temperature of endurance, desired temperature and endurance time. Temperature controllers are able to record data and we provide solutions for the remote control and the supervision of the devices via internet network.

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